A mother’s successful pregnancy and birth depends heavily on her mental health and level of stress during the prenatal (pre-birth) period. Fathers are instrumental in assisting their partners in sustaining a happy pregnancy and delivery process. An infant is life’s most precious miracles. The first smile, first words, first steps are unforgettable indicators of growth and appropriate emotional development. Unfortunately the infant is sometimes exposed to certain stressors (family, medical, social, environmental…) that can impair healthy development. JNG Clinicians are competent with the use of Infant Mental Health strategies to include Dyadic Developmental Therapy and Family Therapy to help the infant and toddler enhance his/her emotional health.


The Child
We want our children to be joyful, playful, and growing healthily. Unfortunately, emotional difficulties can prevent them from being the best they can be. Experiences such as death of a loved one, divorce, separation from a loved one, adoption, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, exposure to domestic violence, physical injury, and diagnosis with a severe medical problem can really impact the child’s mental health. Other childhood problems include ADHD, Oppositional Defiance and Conduct. Negative peer interactions tend to emerge at this time.

Do not hesitate to get help for your child by a qualified psychologist at JNG Health Network. You need a psychologist who loves and understands children with awareness of effective strategies to help them resume their optimal level of functioning. Through the use of various interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral, Play, and Art, JNG Clinicians provide the child with Individual Therapy to help them communicate and develop healthy coping skills and mastery of their stressors. The child learns communication skills, emotional regulation, and social skills.  We also incorporate Family Therapy to assist in resolving any conflicts that may be hindering the child’s emotional health.  This latter intervention, help with parenting skills as well.


The Special Learner
Some children are truly Gifted and intellectually advanced while others require specialized instructions in order to learn. Through comprehensive Psycho-Educational Evaluations conducted by the Clinicians of JNG Health Network, you can assist your child acquire the appropriate accommodations by their schools. Knowing their areas of strengths, weaknesses, and learning style can help enhance their overall achievements and well-being. Let JNG Clinicians help you assist your child in his/her growth and development.


The Adolescent
Positive peers, success in school, an achieved identity, quality role models and mentors, good physical development and health, effective communication, and parental guidance are likely to lead a flourishing adolescent period. Negative peer influences and other trauma can lead to detrimental behaviors and attitudes. Drug use, conduct problems, sexual misconduct, identity crisis, anxiety, academic failures, depression which may include suicidal behaviors and low self-esteem can plague the adolescent’s life. Traumatic experiences are also very likely during this period. A JNG Health Network Clinician can help your adolescent overcome their obstacles and transition into adulthood successfully through Individual and Family Therapy.