Supportive family and friends, career, strong intimate relationships, and parenting are few of many concerns that adults have when trying to find happiness in life. These various stressors can lead to unforeseen mental illnesses and distress.  Personal growth, mastering past trauma and hurt, enhancing communication and assertiveness skills, and enjoying life to the fullest are the various steps that can be accomplished with the Individual Therapy services provided by JNG Health Network Clinicians. The goal is truly living happily with good mental and physical health.
During this life stage, the individual can encounter many challenges such as divorce, career transitions, and emergence of new life desires and goals. Child rearing / co-parenting conflicts becomes a major obstacle especially with the involvement of Family Court. An In-Depth Psychological Evaluation by JNG Clinicians can help with all of these challenges to include parenting styles, personality functioning, and the presence of mental illnesses. Co-Parenting Therapy can also help ease the life of the entire family to include the child or children and both parents.


Older Adult
Feelings of integrity, a well-established social network, family, retirement, generational integration, and physical health are all factors that contribute to happiness for the older adult. Unfortunately, there are some declines in functioning that can contribute to emotional distress. Personality changes, mood swings, loss of cheerfulness, feelings of abandonment, and cognitive impairments can emerge. Many of these changes can result in depression, psychosis, and other mental illnesses.

The Individual Therapy and Family Therapy interventions provided by JNG Health Network will help the older adult achieve a sense of integrity, contentment, and value in his/her life. The Neuro-Psychological Evaluation offered by JNG Health Network can help in determining the Older Adult’s needs so as to guide effective medical and mental health treatments.


The Disabled
Unfortunately, we have our loved ones who face many disabling conditions, whether it is due to learning, neurological deficits such as memory loss, or a severe psychiatric condition that prevent them from functioning at their best. Through our comprehensive Psychological Evaluations, rest assured, the Clinicians at JNG Health Network can help identify the specific disabling conditions and assist with the appropriate community referrals.


2 The Immigrant
Migrating to a new country is a process that instills hope, a new beginning, increased opportunities, and the anticipation of a better life. Unfortunately, adjusting to a new environment with different cultural norms and language can be very challenging. That is why at JNG Health Network, the Clinicians take pride in providing culturally sensitive mental health services to the Immigrant, in their preferred language (Creole/French & Spanish). We also provide Immigration Evaluations to help with various difficulties such as residency and citizenships and for those at-risk of deportation.